Does Thermography replace mammography?

No it does not. Thermography and mammography are different.

Mammography uses radiation to detect structural changes like lumps or masses of cells. Thermography is safe, painless and no touch, it takes infrared images with a digital infrared digital camera. Thermography visualizes physiological changes, like heat/thermal abnormalities, vascular abnormalities, thermal asymmetries, inflammation, lymphatic health and more.

Breast thermography is used to monitor breast health.

What can you see with thermography? 

Thermal abnormalities related to injuries, physiological changes, inflammation and more. When our physicians evaluate your images, they will assess their significance and comment as to whether they see a low, moderate or high level of significance. They will also recommend a follow-up appointment for further evaluation or to establish a baseline.

What is a baseline?

A stable baseline can be established on the follow-up appointment. Our interpreting physicians will compare your images from your first imaging to those of your follow up imaging. When they do this, they are looking for signs that the breasts are thermographically stable. When they see this stability, they will recommend that you come back for imaging in one year for an Annual Follow-Up. If they do not see stability, they may recommend further clinical correlation, and another follow up in 3 – 6 months.

Does Thermography see cancer?

If I have something suspicious looking, will the doctors say something? Thermography does not see cancer. If our Interpreting Physicians see something that they would consider “Thermographically Significant” they will give you a strong and intentional encouragement to seek further clinical correlation. Remember that “Thermographically Significant” does not necessarily mean significant for a specific disease.

I am a cancer survivor and don’t want any more radiation, can Thermography help me monitor my breasts?

Thermography can help you monitor the health of your breasts. Because we do not see cancer, our interpreting physicians do not monitor it.

Do I need a written referral/order from my doctor to have thermography done?

No, you do not. The majority of our clients are self referred. However, we do have many physicians who refer their patients to us, as they value and understand the benefits of thermographic imaging.

Can you prevent breast cancer with Thermography?

No. We believe that all women deserve to have the knowledge of how to keep their breasts healthy. We teach that diet, exercise, supplementation, dry brushing, hormone balancing as well as lifestyle choices and changes are useful ways to support breast health.

Who can benefit from Thermographic Imaging?

Anyone who is interested in proactively taking charge of their health will benefit from thermal imaging. So many people are focused on disease diagnosis. However, the shift to Health Discovery is a progressive approach for people who value the process of monitoring their health and making lifestyle changes with the guidance of their healthcare practitioners to achieve big results for their health and longevity.

I have breast implants/fibrous breasts, Can I have thermography? 

Yes! We have many clients who have breast implants.